The September 2006 Awake!

Appendix B

More on the Awake! articles

Another statement by the same accuser, Robert King:

“So, in keeping with its obligation to inform the public of a broad range of UN-related issues, the July 22nd, 1999, Awake, featured a series of articles on aging.”

Final paragraphs of July 22nd 1999 Awake!:

“This, however, does not mean that there is no hope for life without a finish line—life without aging and death. First, it is reasonable to believe that the all-wise Creator of human life and other forms of life in all their awesome varieties can heal any genetic irregularities and supply the energy needed to continue man’s life forever. Second, this is exactly what the Creator has promised to do. After he imposed the death sentence on the first humans, God revealed several times that his purpose for humans to live forever on earth had not changed. For instance, he gives the assurance: “The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.” (Psalm 37:29) What do you need to do to experience the fulfillment of this promise?

The first step toward attaining everlasting life in the future is also education—Bible education. Jesus Christ stated: “This means everlasting life, their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ.” (John 17:3) Taking in knowledge about Jehovah God, the Creator, about Jesus Christ, and about the ransom arrangement that God has provided is the only form of education that will prepare a person to take the first step on the road to everlasting life.—Matthew 20:28; John 3:16.

Jehovah’s Witnesses conduct a program of Bible education that can assist you to acquire this life-giving Bible knowledge. Visit one of their Kingdom Halls to learn more about this free program, or ask them to visit you at a convenient time. You will see that the Bible contains solid evidence that the time is near when life will no longer be hindered by hurdles and limited by a finish line. True, death has ruled for millenniums, but it will soon be defeated forever. What a thrilling prospect for old and young alike!”

And still another accusation by the same:

“For example, the UN declared that 1979 was the "International Year of the Child." More than likely the December 8th, 2000, issue of the Awake magazine was also one that Bethel sent to the DPI reviewers as proof of their ongoing support for United Nations’ global agenda. That particular issue of the Awake is devoted to praising UNICEF and publicizing the "International Year of the Child."”

Final paragraphs of December 8th 2000 Awake! promoting God’s Kingdom:

“A Divine Government to Provide the Complete Solution

The writer John Ruskin, mentioned in the preceding article, strongly believed that “the first duty of a State is to see that every child born therein shall be well housed, clothed, fed, and educated, till it attain years of discretion.” Ruskin admitted, however, that “in order to [effect] this the Government must have an authority over the people of which we now do not so much as dream.”

Only a government with divine backing could have the benign authority about which Ruskin spoke. And just such a government has been promised—the one that Jesus mentioned at Matthew 6:9, 10. Once this government of God’s making has taken total control of earth’s affairs, it will exercise its authority over all peoples—housing, clothing, feeding, and educating all its subjects, including children. (Isaiah 65:17-25) But this perfect government will do even more.

Under God’s Kingdom humans will be enabled to rear children in a balanced way. (Job 33:24-26) Young folks will be raised in the spirit of peace and universal brotherhood, the ideal set forth in the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child. (Psalm 46:8, 9) Never again will there be the need for an International Year of the Child or for a Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Restoring perfect health to parents and to disabled children will be a simple task for Christ Jesus, the King of this heavenly government. The miracles of healing that he performed while he was on the earth are a guarantee. (Luke 6:17-19; John 5:3-9; 9:1-7) Even resurrecting dead children and dead parents will not be beyond his power to accomplish!—Matthew 9:18-25.

What a joy to know that the time for God to act in behalf of earth’s children is near!”

Once again another accusation by the writer of all the above accusations:

“Many articles appear to be written primarily for the purpose of informing the public about the United Nations proposed solutions. For instance, a series of articles in the August 22nd, 1997, Awake, on the water crises, took the opportunity to tout the UN’s plans and achievements,”

Final paragraphs of August 22nd, 1997 Awake! article:

“Basis for Optimism

The future, however, is not as gloomy as many predict. Why? Because the solution to the world’s water crisis does not rest with humans; it rests with God. He alone has both the ability and the will to solve all water problems.

God will not allow the water crisis to continue forever. The Bible foretells that the time is coming when he will act in behalf of all those worldwide who wish to live under the loving rulership of his heavenly government, which will soon take control of the earth.—Matthew 6:10.

That government, or Kingdom, will bring an end to waterborne diseases, along with all other illnesses. The Bible assures God’s loyal ones: “[God] will certainly bless your bread and your water; and [he will] indeed turn malady away from your midst.” (Exodus 23:25) Moreover, the polluters of the earth’s waters will be done away with as he ‘brings to ruin those ruining the earth.’—Revelation 11:18.

All the earth will flourish under God’s loving care. Never again will people endlessly struggle to find fresh, clean water. Almighty God, who always speaks the truth, inspired his prophet to write concerning the future: “For in the wilderness waters will have burst out, and torrents in the desert plain. And the heat-parched ground will have become as a reedy pool, and the thirsty ground as springs of water.”—Isaiah 35:6, 7; Hebrews 6:18.”

Same writers claim:

“As another example, the August 8th, 1997, Awake, discussing the problem of food shortages, is really just a disguised advertisement for the United Nations World Food Summit held the previous year”

Final paragraphs of the August 8th 1997 Awake! article again points to God’s Kingdom:

“Who Will Feed the Hungry?

History has amply demonstrated that despite all mankind’s good intentions, “to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.” (Jeremiah 10:23) So it is unlikely that on their own humans will ever provide food for all. Greed, mismanagement, and egotism have led mankind to the precipice. FAO Director-General Diouf commented: “What is required in the final analysis is the transformation of hearts, minds and wills.”

That is something only God’s Kingdom can do. Centuries ago, in fact, Jehovah prophesied with regard to his people: “I will put my law within them, and in their heart I shall write it. And I will become their God, and they themselves will become my people.”—Jeremiah 31:33.

When Jehovah God prepared mankind’s original garden home, he provided man with “all vegetation bearing seed which is on the surface of the whole earth and every tree on which there is the fruit of a tree bearing seed” as food. (Genesis 1:29) That provision was abundant, nutritious, and accessible. It was what all mankind needed to satisfy their food needs.

God’s purpose has not changed. (Isaiah 55:10, 11) Long ago he gave assurance that he alone will satisfy mankind’s every need through his Kingdom by Christ, providing food for all, eradicating poverty, controlling natural disasters, and eliminating conflicts. (Psalm 46:8, 9; Isaiah 11:9; compare Mark 4:37-41; 6:37-44.) At that time “the earth itself will certainly give its produce; God, our God, will bless us.” “There will come to be plenty of grain on the earth; on the top of the mountains there will be an overflow.”—Psalm 67:6; 72:16.”

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