A Not-Guilty Verdict

In this brief work we have shown you how the Watchtower Society's DPI NGO status has been blown out of proportion by opposers — and how those same opposers wish to silence us. We have seen how the Society's version of events corroborates with all of the evidence we have been able to find — even the “evidence” presented by apostates.

It really saddens us when we think of those former brothers and sisters who listened to such apostates and were misled to the point of either disassociating themselves or being put out of the congregation. The Bible clearly advises us to “avoid” apostate teachers, instructing us to “keep your eye on those who cause divisions and occasions for stumbling contrary to the teaching that you have learned, and avoid them.” Why? Because “men of that sort are slaves, not of our Lord Christ, but of their own bellies; and by smooth talk and complimentary speech they seduce the hearts of guileless ones”. (Romans 16:17-18) The Apostle warned, “your adversary, the Devil, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking to devour someone.” (1 Peter 5:8) It is very sad to see those who have been devoured by the apostate's NGO conspiracy theory.

Here is a letter written by the German Bethel to a brother in in that country regarding the NGO matter:

Dear Brother ---,

What makes us always a bit sad is the fact that some of our brothers seem to have a stronger confidence in the media and reports launched by our opposers than to statements made by the Organization by means of which they have learned the truth. Of course we expect to be reproached, slandered and that any tiny occasion is used to put us in a bad light. We expect that and we are even happy about it because we endure this for Jehovah and his son (Matthew 5:11; 1 Peter 4:14). But we are hurt, when some of our brothers uncritically accept those presentations, getting set against Jehovah's organization or even letting themselves become a mouthpiece. Surely, no one of us wants to belong to those mentioned in Matthew 24:49 and 3 John 10. Of course, Satan would be happy if he urged us that far.

Our opposers always spread the idea that we do some secret operations while keeping the publishers ignorant. These accusations are likely as old as Christianity itself - with the difference that today modern media are used. That does not mean that we condemn these media in general which can be seen by the fact that the Headquarters and some branches run their own Websites. But warnings are not without reason, because through the Internet you can easily get in touch with the thoughts of apostates, which the Bible clearly warns against (2 John 8-11).

Especially in intellectual circles of society it is viewed as "chique" to doubt everything on principle and to insinuate bad motives everywhere. How bad would it be if that destructive-critical spirit was transferred to God's people. Paul said, love "believes all things" (1 Corinthians 13:7). That does not mean credulity but a positive confidence in Jehovah, his word and his organization. Of course, Jehovah's organization is not perfect. It was not in the first century and it was not at the time of the judges and kings of Israel.

Nevertheless, those putting their confidence in the leading of the men appointed by God were blessed.

One example for this is Absalom’s rebellion. He reproached God's anointed king David when he told those who came with a legal case to the king: “See, your matters are good and straight; but there is no one from the king giving you a hearing.” (2 Samuel 15:3).

Maybe he even gave examples of persons who seemed to have been treated unjustly. But Jehovah did not bless those believing Absalom but those sticking to David who was appointed by God and who had obviously Jehovah's blessings. Surely, we want to follow Ittai's example who firmly stood by Jehovah's anointed (2 Samuel 15:21).

We hope that these statements are helpful to you. In the confidence that Jehovah is giving us all the power to endure we are sending Christian greetings,

Your brothers

We fully concur with this letter. Since there is no real proof of deceitfulness or lying on behalf of the Bethel, and the evidence supports their version of events, should we not, if we call ourselves Christians, give our brothers the benefit of the doubt and not impute or imply bad motives? If you wish to judge them in a condemnatory way that is your right, but be aware that you are insisting your brothers are lying — no matter what explanation they offer and even though, when examining the facts, it becomes clear that they are not lying after all.

If you have read the claims of apostates and believed what they said, we would like to say this to you: At one time, we too were persuaded by the apostates. Some of us believed that the Society had “committed spiritual adultery” by becoming an NGO. However, when we saw the evidence for ourselves we realized that it was us — in fact — who were in the wrong, not the brothers.

If you have been disfellowshipped or have disassociated yourself over the NGO matter, we implore you to consider our evidence honestly and to humbly accept that your views on the matter may be wrong, and return to the Christian congregation. Be courageous and offer an apology for accusing the brothers of spiritual adultery and of lying. Tell them that you now realize there is not enough evidence to boldly (and unlovingly) call our brothers liars. Describe the evidence proving the apostates wrong — perhaps print out this essay to show them — and they will be able to see and understand how you were misled, just as some of us were. There is no dishonor in admitting we were wrong. Write a letter stating these things and that you want to come back home to Jehovah's worldwide congregation. You will be glad that you did!

How to seek reinstatement

Write a letter to your body of elders stating you wish to return to the congregation. Ask to meet with the elders to discuss the matter. Although it will take several months (or longer depending on your situation) to be reinstated, it is well worth the effort.

The truth about ‘the truth about the truth’

Those who have left the congregations over this matter and wish to remain outside, often call it “The truth about The Truth”. Yet we can say without a doubt, that the truth about, “The truth about the Truth”, is this:

We are not guilty of printing “propaganda” for the UN. We are not guilty of agreeing to “support the UN”, nor did we become “part of the UN” or a “UN member”. We signed nothing that conflicts with our Christian beliefs. At the time, our DPI NGO status was entirely appropriate until the requirements changed and we withdrew. Jehovah’s Witnesses as an organization are not guilty of spiritual adultery, nor of lying and scheming to hide it. Those who promote the conspiracy theory are dishonest, use selective evidence, hide the facts they don't want you to know, and the most enthusiastic accuser around today thinks he's a modern-day prophet Ezekiel.

Our organization is like no other religious organization on earth today. Just as the first century congregation was not perfect, neither is our organization, yet it is the organization that has been blessed by Jehovah. It is the one that Jehovah has used to teach us the basic truths of the Bible, and it is the one who is bringing the truth about Jehovah, his Son, and the Kingdom to millions of people around the globe today.

This concludes the main part of this essay. Please continue on to the Miscellaneous Questions page and the Appendix for further reading.