Self Condemnation?

In addition to pretending the Watchtower Society signed documents they never signed, agreed to criteria they never agreed to, pretending there is no difference between ECOSOC and DPI NGOs, and pretending the Awake! disseminated one-world propaganda, the accusers also say the Society has “condemned itself” in the matter. How so?

“It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A...”

The most popular argument is that the Watchtower Society has shown itself to be a hypocrite due to it's policy on membership of the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA). The January 1st 1979 issue of The Watchtower explains:

“In joining the YMCA as a member a person accepts or endorses the general objectives and principles of the organization. He is not simply paying for something he receives, such as when buying things being sold to the public at a store. (Compare 1 Corinthians 8:10; 10:25.) Nor is his membership merely an entry pass, as when a person buys a theater ticket. Membership means that one has become an integral part of this organization founded with definite religious objectives, including the promotion of interfaith. Hence, for one of Jehovah's Witnesses to become a member of such a so-called "Christian" association would amount to apostasy. Some individuals have on occasion not become members but have paid a onetime admission fee, viewing this as simply paying for a commercial service available. Even in this regard it is wise to consider whether this course will adversely affect the consciences of others. —1 Cor. 8:11-13."

The argument goes something like this: if the Society can say, on the one hand, that membership of the YMCA means you become “an integral part” of that organization which amounts “to apostasy”, then surely the Society's NGO status meant they became “an integral part” of the UN and therefore have committed apostasy by their own standards.

Is this a fair point? Not really, no. First of all, when you become a member of the YMCA — an interfaith “Christian” group — you are recognized as being “integral” to that organization, a little like when you get baptized and become part of Jehovah's Witnesses. Is this the case with DPI NGOs? No, for on the contrary DPI NGOs are specifically told by the UN itself that:

“association of NGOs with the DPI does not constitute their incorporation into the United Nations system”

So comparing the two situations is like comparing apples to oranges. NGOs do not become “an integral part” of the UN — no, not even if they wanted to be, and those are the UN's words — not ours.

Furthermore, the YMCA is a false religious organization — the UN is not. While the Bible tells us to be in subjection to worldly governments by obeying the law, paying our taxes, registering in certain programs, and using governments to “legally establish” the preaching work, the Bible puts us under no such obligations to any of the false religions in this world. Revelation 18:4 tells us to “get out from among” false religion, while Romans 13:1 says to “be in subjection” to the government. Using government programs and facilities for our benefit cannot be compared to using similar things from false religions.

The Society has not committed apostasy by it's own standards — it is simply opposers glossing over the differences between governmental and religious organizations, and sweeping under the carpet what the UN itself has said when it becomes inconvenient.

Catholic NGOs condemned by the Watchtower

Another popular argument uses the June 1st 1991 issue of The Watchtower to show how the Society has supposedly condemned itself. It states:

"A recent book gives an idea when it states: “No less than twenty-four Catholic organizations are represented at the UN. Several of the world’s religious leaders have visited the international organization. Most memorable were the visits of His Holiness Pope Paul VI during the General Assembly in 1965 and of Pope John Paul II in 1979. Many religions have special invocations, prayers, hymns and services for the United Nations. The most important examples are those of the Catholic, the Unitarian-Universalist, the Baptist and the Bahai faiths.”

The context of this quote shows that these twenty-four Catholic organizations were represented at the UN by being NGOs. The accusers then say the Society was being a hypocrite for condemning the Catholics for being UN NGO's, while in the very same year also applying to become an NGO itself. Yet, is this accurate? Of course not.

In an earlier chapter we discussed how apostates try to hide the difference between ECOSOC NGOs (which consult the UN on its policies) and DPI NGOs (who have access to UN research materials) — with one prominent apostate ignorantly claiming the difference is “irrelevant”. In this case, the same old tactic is used.

The UN's own records available to anyone online show that the Catholic Church has many organizations registered as ECOSOC NGOs with consultative status. These NGOs have the power to influence decision and policy-making at the United Nations. The Watchtower Society has never been an ECOSOC NGO, so the argument that the Society has condemned itself by condemning the Catholic NGOs is based on nothing more than a deliberate twisting of the facts.